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The leader in you

Les Brown


Increase Seminars

Bob Harrison



Leadership Success

Zig Zigler


Leadership School

Jim Rohn


Unleash the power within

by Anthony Robbins


Mastermind Marketing

by Jay Abraham



Mastery University

by Anthony Robbins

I am devoted to learning and studying; my goal is to acquire a deeper understanding of what successful people do in order to succeed in life. I am also working hard to find the keys that make people successful in Social Marketing. I have traveled around the world to learn from the best.



I am Marcus Dahlgren, also called “Mr. Attitude”.

I am an “attitude believer”. Most people’s main goal is to be happy and they believe chasing success is the way to get there. But, I know for a fact that it’s the other way around. The first thing you have to focus on while looking for happiness is changing your attitude – this will help you create the success you need.


I have been through some tough challenges and I have hit rock bottom both financially and mentally more than once, but I always got back on my feet. Success is not about never having to struggle, it’s about overcoming your hardship and letting it make you stronger than before.


My passion, and the reason I wake up every morning, is helping you and other people experience the same. That’s why I LOVE working in the Social Marketing industry. I have the HONOR of traveling around the world and meeting thousands of people, helping them build their dreams, change their attitudes, and COACH them on the road to success.


I have been a KEYNOTE SPEAKER and EDUCATOR for over 20 marketing and sales companies in more than 40 countries. I am now the OWNER in a Marketing company startup, and I am EXCITED to not only make a huge DIFFERENCE in the way we are marketing things but also make the world and people working with us better. If I was able to go from being a carpenter to where I am today, YOU CAN DO IT TOO. This site is DEDICATED to helping you get the success you want in life.



God, my wife and my wonderful son and beautiful daughter.


I love exercising. Health has always been an important aspect of my life.


My business. I love helping people, I work hard and love what i do!


I work extremely hard to be able to play hard! I always love to experience more! Good food, traveling, and meeting people.


Jim Rohn

Dale Carnegie

John C. Maxwell

Bob Harrisson

Napoleon Hill

Jay Abraham

Tim Storey

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